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MCC / JOC Courses

MCC / JOC Course (Multi-Crew Co-Operation Course / Jet Orientation Course)

MCC / JOC Course Information

The MCC Course and JOC Course introduce the fATPL holder to a multi-crew environment. All courses are delivered by experienced airline Captains on an advanced ALX (A320/B737) generic FNPT2 simulator. Human Factors in aviation are explored during these courses, along with Crew Resource Management (CRM). A solid knowledge of these subjects is essential for airline applicants.

Prices (discounted!):

  • 8-Day MCC Course - £1,995
  • 10-Day Combined MCC/JOC - £2,495
  • 2-Day JOC Course - £995

See our Commercial Course Pricelist for all latest course costs.

'State-Of-The-Art' ALSIM ALX Flight Simulators

We have a dedicated Simulator Building with the very latest 'state-of-the-art' ALSIM ALX Medium-Jet Flight Simulators. This is first in the UK, and one of only five in Europe. It will be used for MCC and JOC courses as well as a combined course for tomorrow’s airline pilots. Introducing the new simulator, Head of Training, Colin Dobney, said:

“This new simulator enables Stapleford to offer enhanced MCC courses in a flight model which,
although generic, has many features of the Airbus A320. We will also launch a combined MCC and
JOC course as well as standalone JOC courses. It is a big investment for Stapleford so we are keen to
utilise the ALX on all aspects of training. In addition to light and medium jet models with EFIS
(Electronic Flight Instruments Systems), it has the benefit of conventional instrument mode for SEP
(single engine piston) and MEP (multi engine piston) training, enabling us to replicate the Warriors,
Arrows and Senecas in our fleet”

The SFC ALSIM ALX medium-jet simulator

Advanced MCC:

We use the ALX FNPT2 MCC Simulator here at Stapleford Flight Centre. This is a 'generic' jet model that has many features from both B737 and A320 type aircraft. Features include twin FMC, CDU’s, weather radar, TCAS etc. This course is aimed more at students who wish to bypass the turbo-prop route and start their airline career on a jet type. You will learn to use typical airline Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as emergency handling and problem solving in a multi crew cockpit.

Most airlines now use a simulator assessment in their selection process this course will provide twenty hours of invaluable jet experience. In addition, during this course, you will be groomed on interview techniques and briefed on what airlines are looking for in prospective pilots. Although this is not a type rating, we use an advanced simulator replicating a generic medium jet type. Potential students are encouraged to arrange an appointment to see the quality of the training that we can deliver.

JOC Course - 16 Hours:

With the complex generic medium jet version of the ALX we have the perfect platform to demonstrate characteristics of flight at high altitude in a swept wing aircraft. Also considered are operations at extreme temperatures both high & low. Realistic loft exercises where TCAS, extreme weather including windshear are encountered. As part of the course you will have hands on experience of programming and learning functions of a Honeywell FMC CDU trainer, as used on both Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Latest MCC / JOC Course Dates:

4th to 13th April 2016
17th to 26th April 2016
1st to 10th May 2016

Course prices:

See our Commercial Course Pricelist for all course costs.

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Interested? Excited? Motivated? Still have some unanswered questions? Then please contact Lisa Wilkinson (SFC Course Co-ordinator) on 01708 687103 or by emailing moc.cfsylf@nosnikliwasil come along to one of our regular open days to find out more? Your dream of becoming a pilot starts right here!



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Our Training Facilities

Modern Classroom Facilities

Modern classroom facilities at SFC

State-of-the-Art Jet & Prop Simulators

The simulators at SFC

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Student accommodation at SFC

World-Class Training Aircraft

SFC has the most modern fleet available in the UK

Latest News

Latest Tweets from SFC!

Sept 2015 - Stapleford Launches Integrated Pilot Training Courses!

Following hot on the heels of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval for Stapleford Flight Centre’s modular Air Transport Pilots’ Licence (ATPL) Theoretical Knowledge courses, Stapleford has now been given the go-ahead to run Integrated Pilot Training Courses at the airfield near Romford in Essex.... Download full press release >>

Aug 2015 - ATPL Theory Courses Cleared for Solo Take Off!

The Civil Aviation Authority has granted stand-alone approval for Stapleford Flight Centre to run modular Air Transport Pilots’ Licence (ATPL) Theoretical Knowledge courses at the airfield near Romford in Essex. This is the only ATPL theory course inside the M25 in the London area.. Download full press release >>

24th March 2015 - Re: Southend Controlled Airspace

When requesting a clearance into the new Southend CAS, from April 2nd 2015, it would be advisable to quote the CTA number(s) that you want clearance into. Sadly the CTA numbers are not shown on the new 1:500,000 chart and so you will find this chart useful. We strongly suggest that you carry it with you when flying locally to help you ensure you get the clearance you want. If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the instructors at Stapleford: 01708 688380.

Latest Airline Industry News!


Latest Newsletter from SFC!

Our FREE quarterly newsletter 'Take Off' (PDF - 274kb) is now available to download (requires Acrobat Reader). It contains lots of up-to-the-minute news about the airfield and club as well as all the latest gossip. We want your contributions too. So if you have any stories, anecdotes or other ideas you wish to add to the next newsletter, or if you wish wish to order a FREE copy, please contact our editor Sue Rose - ku.oc.liamtoh@rp.esoreus or call her on 07808 587248.

New SFC 'Mobile Friendly' Website Launches!

Stapleford Flight Centre launches new 'mobile-friendly' website. We hope you like it - and that it displays consistently well on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device (and if not, please do let us know and we'll try our very best to fix it).

Download press release >>

New Mobile Friendly Website Launches!

SFC first with ALX medium jet simulator!

Stapleford Flight Centre, one of the UK’s top flight training schools, is leading the field with the acquisition of a brand new “state of the art” ALX Alsim medium jet simulator. This is first in the UK, and one of only five in Europe. It has just been installed at the Essex-based airfield and it will be used for MCC (Multi-Crew Co-operation) courses and JOC (Jet Orientation Courses) as well as a combined course for tomorrow’s airline pilots.

Download press release >>

SFC first with ALX medium jet simulator!

 SFC now affiliated to ATPL Finance!

Stapleford Flight Centre is proud to announce its affiliation with ATPL Finance. Get help with raising the finance for your flight training!

Download press release >> or
Go to ATPL Finance website >>

SFC first with ALX medium jet simulator!

SFC Partners with ProPilot!

In conjunction with ProPilot we are introducing an enhanced ab-initio course where, in addition to the standard Zero to Frozen ATPL elements, we will train for type-rating preparation.

Download full press release >>

SFC Partners with ProPilot!

SFC awarded Infringement Prevention Award from NATS!

The first-ever National Air Traffic Service (NATS) Infringement Prevention Award has been awarded to Stapleford Flight Centre. This is a result of the sustained campaign led by Deputy Head of Training, Brian Peppercorn.

Download full press release >>

SFC awarded Infringement Prevention Award from NATS!

SFC Gains BAC Accreditation!

Stapleford Flight Centre, internationally-renowned flight training school for private and commercial pilots, has been awarded Full Accredition for its training courses by the British Accreditation Council for Independent, Further and Higher Education.

Download full press release >>

SFC Gains BAC Accreditation!



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